Frayed at the Edges


This beautiful drop spindle was made by Donna of Handy Woodcrafts and it’s all mine!

As I’ve become more interested in knitting I’ve also become intrigued by how yarn is made and (being me) I wanted to try to make some. Luckily for me I knew Drew & Donna the couple behind Handy Woodcrafts and they were expanding their business to include pieces for other makers.

When I first got the fleece I had fun with my long suffering cat!


However with the help of a lesson in drop spinning from Ashley at Make It Glasgow I soon started to spin. The trick I believe is not to think about it too much but to try to keep an even spin going.

The drop spindle has been used for centuries by most cultures to and there are different styles of spindle…maybe something for me to explore at a later date.

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This Scene Is Dead

Some interesting (and oh so true) reading.

Claire Brown - Cross Stitch Designer

So, that was quite the hot potato, my Cautionary Tale post. I am glad that it’s been useful to people who were considering exhibiting at the market in making up their minds whether to or not. If you haven’t read the comments, they are definitely worth a read – here they are. I’ve heard from one of the other stall holders, as you can see, but I’d be interested to hear from anyone who disagreed on my take on the event or who is still planning on attending – it would be good to balance it out though I realise such a person may not exist.

One of the points that has come out of the comments is an interesting if contentious one I wanted to explore (even though it’s going to make me sound like a hideous, bitchy snob).

First though, I wanted to make something crystal clear about the market in question in the…

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